Discover the Natural World with the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System Review

Are you new to the aquaponics world? I’ve always been interested in both technology and nature, and aquaponics is the perfect combination for me. Aquariums have taken upon the aquaponic system in which raising aquatic animals is combined with cultivating plants in the same environment. While many companies have started producing aquaponic system aquariums, we came across the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System which has many interesting features to look forward to. Here is my Fin to Flower Aquaponic System review so you can make up your own mind.

All About the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System: Review

This company offers three types of Fin to Flower aquarium systems, ranging from the tiny counter or table top Mini System A, through a Midsize Aquarium System B and up to a multi- tier Large System C. All these aquarium systems are hand built. These systems serve as a great decorative piece for your indoor, semi-open areas, or any other spaces. I really like the look of the aquaponic acquarium, so these are perfect for me.  And being sustainable, symbiotic and ecological, these systems are safe for the aquaculture and the environment – another big benefit, in my opinion.

Mini Aquarium System A

This compact system is suitable for your mantle or counter. It has an inbuilt waterfall and the tank is made out of acrylic. It has a capacity of 2.5 gallons of water and is available in two colors, black and white. The tank has three 2 inch plant grow pots which can be used for any type of plant. The system also includes gravel, natural water dechlorinator, an inbuilt water pump and filter, pots, and grow media. The measurements of the tank are 9” wide, 9” front to back and 11” tall.

Midsize Aquarium System B

This tank also contains all the inbuilt elements as mentioned in the Mini Aquarium System A. But this system has a higher water capacity, i.e., 5 gallons. It contains four 3 inch plant grow pots and the measurements are 15” wide, 13” front to back and 12” tall.

Large Aquarium System C

This mega tiered Large Aquarium System C is the décor for a larger space. With many tiers installed in the tank, each tier has three 3- inch plant grow pots with dual waterfalls. Having a 5-gallon water capacity, this tank contains all the inbuilt features as mentioned above. The tank measures 19” wide, 13” front to back and 15” tall.

Check out this video to see the System C in action:

What are the Pros of the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System?

The meaning of aquaponics is to grow flora through the nutrients which the fish and other water creatures release. These kinds of system can easily act as a great option for indoor decoration. Place the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System in any corner and it immediately enhances the décor of your room or space.

If assembled correctly from step one till the end, the system takes up minimal energy to set up and it takes less time too.

The Fin to Flower Aquaponic system is a great way of growing indoor plants. Tiny herbs such as rosemary and dill can be grown efficiently along with thyme and basil, which can be used at home in cooking.

This system has been developed in a manner which takes care of the plants as well as the water creatures efficiently and at the same time. You need not worry about maintenance and supervision – it is good for people who do not have much time for gardening.

Other than these pros of the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System, the additional waterfalls add to the aesthetics of the tank.

The continuous and thorough circulation of the water through the pump allows the plants to stay hydrated. The system is designed in such a manner that all foul smells and dormant humidity are omitted, which keeps the tank nice and fresh. The circulation of the water moves from the gravel to the pump, towards the bed and the lower level of beds, and finally to the waterfall. This cycle is continuous and uninterrupted, which saves a lot of water, power and supervision.

Apart from the functioning, set up, and aesthetics of the system, the customer care service of the Fin to Flower Aquaponics System is praiseworthy too. Immediate responses to unresolved queries and ambiguity are taken into account by the company.

What are the Cons of the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System?

Initially, the setup can be a bit daunting. You need to follow the step- by- step guide precisely in order to set up the system easily and quickly.

The installation of the pump is quite important. If inserted in the wrong manner, the pump can start vibrating to create a loud noise which would be difficult to reassemble in a proper manner.

Beginners would require an expert or any other experienced person to set up the system. It is not easy to plant and grow the herbs in the pots given, which also need some care from time to time.

The nearly silent pump does cause some noise along with the circulation of the water, resulting in a continuous low hum from the tank. This is, however, an issue with most other aquaponics systems too, as I haven’t found one which is completely silent.

What’s My Conclusion? Overall Summary of the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System

According to customer reviews and numerous users, the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System is definitely a good buy for nature lovers, gardeners, and those who are really fond of aquariums.

I found the Fin to Flower Aquaponic System simple to use and it resulted in some nice indoor plants. I’ve really enjoyed using this equipment, and while it is not ideal for someone who doesn’t want to spend any time maintaining a system, it is ideal for most people with an interest in the subject.

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