Ecoqube C Review: Working Seamlessly Together With Nature

When you are glued to your computer all day, your surroundings start to feel a little monotonous. This is especially true when there are no potted plants or any beautiful views to liven things up. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Since I found out about aquaponics systems I discovered a new way to grow food and provide some welcome visual enhancement. The EcoQube is a desktop aquarium that’s suitable for a work environment. Check out my Ecoqube C Review for a full overview of this versatile product.

Ecoqube C Review: Who is the Ecoqube C For?

The EcoQube C aquarium is designed to cater for the needs of homeowners or business owners that wish to decorate their desktops with a compact and affordable aquarium. It’s ideal for the workplace or home due to its portability and size.

To many people the faint sound of swimming fish and running water is relaxing. Much like meditation, desktop aquariums like the EcoQube are an excellent distraction to the commotion of everyday life. With the EcoQube, you get to enjoy an aquatic ecosystem on your desktop.

Why Should You Choose the Ecoqube C?

An Ideal Piece for Your Desktop

This EcoQube aquarium runs on a self-sustaining system. The mechanics of the system revolve around growing a plant/herb above the aquarium. The plant takes up the nutrients it requires from the tank water and basically cleans the water with its roots. The fact that this system requires little to no cleaning makes it an ideal choice for your desktop either at home or work.

Start Your Day Calmly

This small decorative item will truly enlighten the start of your day. The calming view of the aquarium will give you peace of mind so you to start your day on a positive note. This aquarium is a very compact hence it won’t occupy much space.

Enjoy Outdoors by Staying Indoors

In today’s hectic world everyone is always in a hurry to do something. There is no time to spare to enjoy a quiet walk down the beach or in the garden. The EcoQube C aquarium gives you the benefit of both activities, while simultaneously doing your everyday work.

What are the Features of the EcoQube Desktop Aquarium?

First and foremost, the aquarium is well-built and has an attractive clean design. It also features a UV sterilizer and a completely functional LED light. Do you really need all the custom setting the light contains? Probably not, but they are a cool addition and definitely will add the wow factor when you display the aquarium. The package includes:

  • The LED light sitting above the plant to supply the required light for the plant to grow. It also illuminates the aquarium.
  • An LED UV sterilizer light that removes bacteria from the tank to prevent over-feeding the fish.
  • The Aquaponics filter sitting directly below the plant to filter water. The filter is made to never need replacing. The small two-inch filter pumps One hundred gallons hourly. This will keep water fresh. This together with the UV LED keeps the water clear and algae free. With little maintenance, the tank will stay clean and the fish happy.

Because of the small size of the tank you ought to limit the number of fish you buy. Cloud minnows and Zebra danios are some of the recommended fish. Personally, I would recommend you acquire a maximum limit of four fish. Feeding must be done twice a day moderately. You should clean the tank at least two times a week. Proper maintenance leaves out the risk that your particular aquaponics plants do not consume adequate nitrate in the aquarium and makes certain you have a good experience with the aquarium.

To find out more about the specs and the set-up, check out this video:

What are the Pros of the Ecoqube C?

  • Very stylish modern design that works well in virtually any setting.
  • Comes with various presets for the LED light fixture to simulate various settings like stormy weather or perhaps a clear day.
  • It is small and can be placed on the work station or coffee table.
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise.

What are the Cons of the Ecoqube C?

  • Customer support is usually poor.
  • There have been reports that some sellers don’t provide all the accessories so it’s imperative that you buy from a reputable seller.

What Other Alternatives Do You Have?

You have the following alternatives:

  • Back to the Roots Water Garden ($103.5) – A very affordable and efficient water garden” system.
  • AquaSprouts Garden ($169.95)-Particularly useful for big tanks.
  • BiOrb Aquarium Kit ($159.99) -A very attractive aquarium that looks like your traditional fish bowl.

What is the Pricing?

It’s very affordable, retailing at $ 99.99 on Amazon. It’s cheaper than all the aquariums listed above.

What’s My Conclusion?

Plants are a wonderful way to get rid of unpleasant indoor air pollutants. And if you’re looking for a self-contained way to store them, check out the EcoQube C Aquarium. This desktop aquarium kit is a nifty decorative piece for your home or even the office.

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